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My Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Every February, I find myself begging to shake off the sweaters and itching for sunshine both outside and in my wardrobe. I tend to start par-oozing (is that a word?) the internet for unique pieces to add to my closet that create some excitement and don't break the bank. Fun colors, layers and versatile pieces make Spring fashion one of my favorite times to spruce up my closet.

With all the extra time at home, it is the perfect opportunity to really take inventory of the items you wear and the ones that are hiding in the back of your closet. I often move clothes around in the winter into other areas for storage, so be sure to grab those out to see exactly what you have. I often forget some of my favorite pieces from the previous year. It's like Christmas finding all the fashionable pieces you invested in this time last year. This year, I stumbled upon some fun bathing suit cover ups I bought for a trip to Mexico last year. The best part, they can double as kimonos this season.

After taking a look at my Spring wardrobe as a whole, I take inspiration from the key items in my closet and look for the missing pieces that will complete this season's wardrobe. From there I hunt for some fun and trendy items to fill in the gaps.

Here are my must-have items for any Spring wardrobe:

A trendy hat// Hats are a current trend that dress up even the most simple outfits. I first fell in love with the look when my #foreverfriend started rocking a wide brimmed hat. Every-time I saw her, I thought about what a statement piece it was. I was so drawn to the look. At first, I wasn't convinced I could pull it off, and I didn't want to mimic her style completely. I realized that by styling it with my own flair, I could make it a look of my own. I purchased this one from Amazon, and found myself feeling more and more confident each time I put it on. I loved it so much, that I invested in a more expensive version from Urban Outfitters for this season. Whether your style is a straw version or even a fedora, I promise that if you rock it with confidence, it will quickly be a staple in your closet.

A pair of distressed, light wash jeans// Finding the perfect pair of jeans is like finding the perfect man, they can't be too clingy but they still accent your best features (wink, wink). Being a plus size gal (size 16) can make looking for jeans a bit of a struggle. However, I feel privileged to be a mid-size that most stores carry in both standard and extended sizing. One of the stores that carries a wide range of sizing and is my personal holy grail for jeans is Old Navy. I am obsessed with their Rockstar line and have found that their jeans fit me as well, if not better, than any $80 pair. Another perk to Old Navy is that their sizing tends to be universal between cuts. I wear a 16 tried and true in basically any bottom I purchase from them.

A flirty wrap skirt// Is there anything more flattering than a wrap skirt? It shows off just enough skin while still being one of the most comfortable items in my closet. It is easy to change up for different occasions. Its versatility makes it perfect for work, a wedding or brunch with the girls. This season I have been completely obsessed with a pop of animal print and this wrap skirt was exactly what I was looking for. Not to mention it's on Amazon Prime for under $25!

The perfect jean jacket// A good jean jacket is good in practically any season, but I think it was made for Spring. I have owned a jean jacket for the better half of a decade and am pretty sure that this is a trend that will stand the test of time. Heck, I think the first jean jacket I ever tried on was an acid wash version from my mom's closet.

You can find them in nearly every store, but for some budget friendly options I have found several at, you guessed it, Old Navy. I love a good sale, and today every jean jacket on their site is only $25!

If you're anything like me it will be hard not to wear your new jean jacket with nearly every outfit you own. A few of my favorites include laying it over a flowy dress or to compliment some joggers. Speaking of joggers...

My obsession with dressed up joggers// I would say my style is classy with a side of flirty comfort. I like to look put together, but also maintain a serious sense of comfortability. Joggers are the perfect example of a fashion piece that can dress up or down. I have found some of my favorite jogger options from Target in the past year. They always have wide variety ranging from cargo to linen and tend to be under $30.

I often rock joggers with a work blouse and some heels to create an office-worthy look. Throw on some Keds and a tank and you have an athleisure aesthetic. It is also my go-to look for dressing up from day to night. Just add a statement necklace and a bright lip and the same joggers from running errands quickly transform into the ideal date outfit. And did I mention, you are literally wearing sweatpants?

A patterned jumper// For a long time I hesitated purchasing a jumpsuit. It is one of those items that I wondered if I could wear. It is hard to not get caught up in fashion being for one size or that certain pieces only exist for one body type. However, after investing in my first jumpsuit I realized how fun and flirty I felt wearing them. I have since purchased several others and they have quickly become a weekly staple to my Spring rotation.

JCPenney is another one of my obsessions. I know, I know you are starting to wonder if I really just typed JCPenney. And for a long time I completely avoided JCP thinking it was a little frumpy, too. But after stumbling into the store one day on a mission to find some work pants, it quickly became my go-to option. For work attire and dressier occasions, they have AMAZING deals on nearly everything I am looking for. I am pretty sure all of my jumpsuits are from JCP. In fact, in the office it has become an on-going joke when people ask where I got my outfit, I yell out JCP nearly every time. Across the board I am an XL in tops and I tend to size up to an 18 in their jumpers.

I would encourage you to think about the things that you feel like you can't wear (due to size, cut, color, or any other BS) and then remember that fashion is about creativity and being yourself. If the item makes you feel like more of who you are and expresses some part of your personality, then that is more than enough reason to buy it.

Fashion can be a place where comparison and self-doubt can quickly crop up. One of my go-to habits when I am feeling myself slip into negative self-talk is to ask myself if my best friend would ever say those things to me. And guess what, she never would. In fact, she wouldn't even be caught dead thinking them. So I vowed to be my own best friend and speak to myself with the love and admiration she does.

Does that mean that everyday I perfectly love myself? Hell no! But I will say that finding my own personal style and owning it has been a huge part of my self-love journey. Picking outfits that highlight my own personality and flair almost always leaves me standing a little taller.

So go throw on that wide brimmed hat and bright jumpsuit and get busy being your own fabulous best friend this Spring.

-sincerely, symone

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