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Social media is all about creating authentic connections by posting consistent content that tells your brand story.

Looking for a storyteller to help your business connect on social media?

I'm your gal!



Monthly Social Media
Strategy + Content Creation

Have you ever stumbled across a business' social media site and immediately felt connected? From the cohesive aesthetic to the carefully curated captions, the content left you feeling like they were speaking directly to you? Well, that is what a great social media strategy and content can do to create sincere connections with your followers. 

By hiring me as your social media consultant you will receive social media strategy and tactics for your unique niche, curated monthly content calendars, and consistent scheduled content that creates a buzz with your followers. When you invest in my monthly retainer, we work together to ensure that your business is growing and flourishing in the social sphere. 

Depending on the frequencies of your posts and social media goals, we will work to create a retainer that best suits your needs. 

Power Hours

Are you ready to feel completely confident when you hit POST? Are your posts becoming stale and you need a little social media pick me up? 

A Power Hour call is the perfect solution for a business looking to freshen up their social media feeds with innovative social media tactics and tools. In the hour-long phone call, we will discuss your pain points and look at small tweaks that will help to increase your interaction and engagement. 

This is ideal option for clients that have the bandwidth to post on their pages, but aren't sure if they are hitting the mark.

Quarterly Social Media Audits

Think of me as your social media guide. Each quarter we will connect to do an audit of your social media channels to find the opportunities for growth and create direction for your content that will leave people smashing the FOLLOW button. 

All quarter long I will follow along as you post your own content and take notes on the posts that are landing with your target demographic and the ones that have opportunity for growth. Then at the beginning of each quarter, we will make a date to discuss your strategy for the upcoming quarter and I will provide you with a toolbox of skills you can use to achieve those goals. Sounds fun, right?

Social Media Workshops

Each of us has the ability to create dynamic social media content, but like all things it takes studying and practice to perfect. 

My social media workshops allow businesses to schedule a two-hour interactive presentation that will leave attendees feeling confident in their abilities to create compelling captions, buzzworthy videos, and curated feeds.

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